the weekend that just was…



Saturday we got up early and met Megan, Michele, Ryan and Kathryn at Wally Waffle’s for breakfast. It was delicious (french toast, good) and we had the best waitress ever. She was friendly and seemed to be enjoying her job. As a bonus, she managed to get all of quite complicated orders correct. Bravo!

After breakfast we journeyed out to the local recycling center and disposed of all of our plastics, metals and papers. Then Greg and I went to the cinema to catch a screening of the Sex and the City movie. It was really wonderful. Reminded me of how much I enjoyed the show on HBO. And it made me tear up quite a few times…I’m a very sensitive guy…

We capped off our Saturday with a game night of wii at the homestead. Our friends Tom and Brett and Dave and Marc came over. Dave was really talking up his wii bowling skills before the get together. His score wasn’t quite as high as Greg’s or mine, but it was still respectable. Brett served up, his now famous, cherry martinis. Side note: we may all be joining a real bowling league this fall.

Sunday was quiet. Sleeping in was required. Called my Dad in Florida and wished him a happy Dad’s Day. We met Michele for lunch and checked out some new bathroom fixtures for her soon to be remodeled bathroom. I love spending other people’s money. On the way home we picked up some flowers for the front beds. Later in the evening, after the temps cooled down, Greg and I planted the flowers and did a little landscaping maintenance.

It was a wonderful weekend full of friends and relaxation. It’s too bad those two days went by so fast.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Michele says:

    I had a blast too!! You already make my life pretty … just think about what my new bathroom will look like šŸ˜‰

  2. Megan says:

    yea, I’m gonna have to try one of those Cherry Martinis

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