weekend rewind


Last weekend was pretty busy. On Saturday afternoon I went with some co-workers to a colleague’s father’s memorial service. It was very nice and quite touching. I hadn’t been to a funeral or memorial service in quite a while.

Later Saturday night, I stopped by work to check out the Teens Rock Akron 2008 concert. It’s the second year for this program. Brings out a bunch of bands featuring area teenagers. All of them were quite talented. We didn’t really have teen rock bands were I grew up.

Sunday was back to work for a reception for our Library Shop volunteers. They had a Jacqueline Kennedy impersonator for the program…interesting… 

Sunday night we had our friends Michele, Kathryn, Shannah and Chris over for a little cookout. We ended the night with a game of Wii bowling. Not to brag, but I won the game. Look out PBA, here I come!

I was off Monday. It was basically my day of rest. I didn’t even leave the house until around 3 o’clock and that was for a trip to the Time Warner Cable office. I hate that place. There’s always a long slow line, and the company in that line is never good. Small children running around, certain bodily odors, it’s my personal hell. And all I needed to do was exchange our remote control for one that worked properly.


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