how sweet it was


It’s Wednesday morning and it’s already been a very busy week. Monday
night, I had a big event to manage at work. It went off without a hitch
and everyone associated with it were pleased. Last night Greg and I
joined our friends David and Marc at Blossom Music Center to see James
Taylor in concert. David is a big fan, and Marc won the tickets plus
VIP passes. And trust me, VIP status makes concerts much more
enjoyable. We had close parking, special lounge and restrooms with no
lines. The concert was great. J.T. put on a wonderful show and had a
lot of energy for a fella his age. He’s got a great voice.

we have David Giffels speaking at the Library. He just published a book
about his renovation of a house in Highland Square. It’s one of those
book I couldn’t put down, once I started it. It’s rare that I can start
and finish a book in one weekend. Funny, touching and wonderful.

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