a memorable weekend


Enjoyed an unexpected four-day weekend. Friday was the bonus day. Our clothes dryer has been on the fritz lately, making a horrifyingly loud metal on metal screeching noise. The repairman arrived late that morning and took the machine apart. Our dryer requires a pricey new ball bearing. And of course, he didn’t have one with him, it needs to be ordered. The good news, we can still use the dryer until the part arrives this Friday. The bad news, the screeching is even worse. Our new laundry plan is to throw the wet clothes in the dryer, start it, and then leave the house for a couple of hours.

Saturday we spent the day in amish country with our friends Tom, Brett, Al and Keith. Al and Keith were in town from Chicago for the weekend. We began the afternoon at the Simply Smuckers Store in Orville. It was my first visit there. Was a cute store. Greg and I picked up some apple butter and ice cream toppings. Next it was off to Lehman’s in Kidron. What a large store. We picked up a new cast iron skillet there. Lunch was next at one of the areas big amish-style restaurants. The portions were quite large, and we left uncomfortably full. More shopping at an area market then off to the Breitenbach Winery. I tasted a very sweet Riesling wine. It was quite nice.

On Sunday morning Greg and I had breakfast at Wally Waffle with Megan and Michele. It was omelets for everyone! Afterwards Greg and i did a little shopping. Sunday night was a big Memorial Day party & picnic at Tom and Brett’s. We had a great time playing corn hole and socializing with everyone. Brett makes a great cherry martini. I’m afraid that I may have enjoyed too many of them.

Monday was for resting up. We watched quite a few episodes from the Gilmore Girls Season 2. Spent some time at Borders reading magazines. And of course, spent some quality time with the Wii. I bowled a new personal best of 238!


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