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5 days of sweets – ricotta orange pound cake

Here we are, day three of “Five Days of Sweets.” I don’t know about you but, but my clothes are feeling a bit tighter. It’s back to Weight Watchers after the holidays… The latest of issue of Food Network Magazine features a section on “Giada’s Perfect Presents.” One of the ideas was to make a Ricotta Orange Pound Cake and gift it along with one of Giada’s loaf pans, conveniently available at your local Target.

The cake is pretty terrific. The ricotta, while making for a lumpy kinda gross looking batter, kept the cake very moist. I’d recommend cooking it for a bit longer than the 45 to 50 minutes suggested in the recipe.  The center of my cake dropped considerably while cooling. Still very tasty though. Just a hint of orange, I tasted the two tablespoons of amaretto more than the citrus. And I was very ok with that.

Coming tomorrow: Mint-Chocolate Brownies from Everyday Food Magazine.


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