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5 days of sweets – mint-chocolate brownies

Day 4 of 5 Days of Sweets. I’m thinking that when this series is over I’m going to need to delve into 12 Days of Savories. We’re in sugar over-drive here on Made by Mike. Today, I present you with Everyday Food magazine’s Mint-Chocolate Brownie. It’s a winner.

Earlier this week I rushed home from work to get this made for a work party the next day. As I quickly moved through the recipe I realized that I didn’t take as many photos of the process as I usually do. Sorry for that. I’m particularly upset that there’s no photo of all the mint patties lined up in the pan waiting for their top cover of gooey brownie mix.

A quick assembly note. Under no circumstances should you cut a peppermint patty in half to squeeze it into the pan. While baking, the cut patty centers will liquefy and bubble to the top of the brownie. After cooling, this creates a kind of hard peppermint candy coating along that edge of the brownie. Even with that occasional coating, these brownies were still magnificent. They’re very dense and fudge-like. A perfectly minty and chocolaty holiday treat.

I’m off work today and will be making the final recipe for 5 Days of Sweets. I still haven’t decided which of these two recipes to make. Here are the contenders: Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins or Doughnut Bread Pudding with Tennessee Whiskey Sauce. There appears to be some kind of doughnut theme here. Feel free to comment below with your vote.


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