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five senses friday #9

It was a short work week for me, but still a very full week none the less.  Here are the highlights in just five senses.

  • seeing: red, white and blue everywhere. i bought these little flags yesterday. and yes, i’m the kind of guy that irons out the creases before putting them out.
  • tasting: freshly made pesto. as i was watering this morning, i saw my first beetle gnawing at a tender basil leaf. an action plan was created and now there are two jars of amazing basil & walnut pesto in the fridge.
  • hearing: a trio of poppy & delightful new summer tunes from some fabulous ladies. Summer Day by Sheryl Crow, King of Anything by Sara Bareilles, and Cry When You Get Older by Robyn.
  • smelling: fresh air. we’ve had some wonderfully moderate temps lately. i’ve enjoyed opening up the house and breathing in deeply.
  • feeling: introspective. what else would i be doing with my life, if i knew i could not fail? and should i be afraid of failing, anyways?

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.  Here’s the flower that didn’t get posted yesterday. My own little natural fireworks in the back garden.

an early tour of my garden

I’m going to work later tonight.  We have an author event this evening.

I spent the morning finishing up my plantings for the season. Five heirloom varieties of tomatoes, a pepper plant, yellow squash, thyme, chives and three varieties of basil. Local friends, anticipate the opportunity to share in this summer’s bounty. I also added some rocket snapdragon that I’ll be able to cut for fresh flowers the rest of the summer. As a happy surprise, several of my dahlia plants from last summer have reappeared this year.  Since I hadn’t dug up the tubers last fall, I had my doubts that they’d come back. But they did, and that makes me very happy.

wet dewey morning

It’s a foggy and damp Sunday morning in Tallmadge, Ohio. Greg and I are headed out to hike a couple of trails this morning. Horseshoe Pond in Peninsula is on our list.

a perfect morning

I don’t think that there could have been a more magical and perfect place to be this morning than the annual organic plant sale at the Crown Point Ecology Center.  It was our first visit there, and most certainly not our last. The large red barn was filled with a huge variety of vegetable, herb and flower plants that were organically raised on-site at the farm.  I picked up five varieties of tomatoes, a pepper plant, three types of basil and some chive and thyme plants.  I’m looking forward to my own mini summer harvest.  After visiting the farm we headed further down in to the valley for a delightful lunch on the patio of Pub Bricco.  Such a perfect spring morning and afternoon.  Looking forward to dinner with friends this evening. Hope you are enjoying your weekend, what kind of plans do you have?

five senses friday #2


canadian geese….everywhere.


honey goat cheese on a simply amazing spinach & salmon salad.


tighten up by the Black Keys. you know, Akron’s own Black Keys.


newly strewn mulch in the flower beds.


lucky, for all that I have.

What are your five senses from the this last week?  Post them in the comments section, pretty please…

I’m a sucker for succulents

Stopped at the Home Depot today.  I wanted to browse the summer bulb selection for my garden. Instead, I stumbled upon the most wonderful collection of succulents. Each in its own brightly hued ceramic pot. They were nicely priced and the perfect late winter/early spring pick-me-ups for the kitchen window.

so much snow, more on the way

This is the view that Greg got when he opened the back door to venture out to knock the snow off the satellite dish.  He had to shovel a path to get to it.

so much snow…

More snow is expected to fall today. I’m off work, a regularly scheduled day. I think I’m going to spend a great deal of it on the couch in front of the fireplace snuggled in a blanket with a good book.  Well that is, after I get back from a Target run with my friend Shannah.  Target!!!!

I kinda love this photo I just took from our upstairs office window. I didn’t notice that perfect snowflake when I was taking the photo.  Thank you super great camera for that wonderful surprise. Here’s a link to the photo cropped to the size perfect for an iPhone wallpaper.

favorite photos of 2009

365 days, 4013 photos.

Happy New Year. To commemorate the start of the new year, I thought I’d take a moment to look back. These are my 50 or so favorite photos from 2009.Click here to see the entire set. To view a slideshow of the photos, click here.

Additionally, to view past collections: click here for 2008, click here for 2007.

a decorated tree and fireplace

Greg was pretty awesome and assembled the Christmas tree and brought in all of the boxes of decorations while I was at work on Saturday. I spent the evening decorating the tree, a little differently this year, and decking the fireplace.  Once again, there is glitter everywhere. Back to work this afternoon. When I return it’s time to do the banister and maybe pick up a few poinsettia.


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