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Cat got my tongue? Feels more like a liger.

The posts have been few and far between. I’m sorry about that. It’s not because I’m not making things. I am, and I’d love to tell you all about them. The problem is that every time I sit down to write a post, I just stare at the screen and the words don’t follow. I hope that all you food and other bloggers out there will comment and share your tips on overcoming this hurdle. In the mean time, here are a few photos of things that I’ve made and want to share with you very soon.

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Blogger. Baker. Picture Taker. I live near Akron, Ohio with my partner Greg, Ted the wonder dog, and a pantry full of flour and sugar.

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  1. When I get a writer’s block I force myself to write. Even if what I write isn’t inspired. If you can get over the hump by posting, it then seems to become easy once again. So your posting today? Well, you just pushed yourself up the hill of block ;-) Keep at it!

  2. i can totally relate! sometimes the words just don’t flow. or they do, buy they’re really not up to par (i’m speaking of myself here). or i’m too darn busy to justify spending hours labouring over a post (and my husband and/or the dogs are giving me serious evils). you’re far more experienced than i am, but i’ve found that sometimes it’s nice to do a post that is mostly photos, an update, really. your photos are fantastic and inspiring and your words are the icing on the cake. sometimes ‘plain’ cake is enough :)
    ps – i don’t even know what’s on those waffles, but i want them now.

  3. Boy can I relate to your post. I take all these nice photos and just cannot find the words to go with them. Sometimes I just get up and walk away from the computer, often for days. What helps sometimes is to take my laptop somewhere else in the house or outside on the patio. A different environment helps, but not always. Just keep plugging away. :)

  4. I can also relate. When I first started my blog, I couldn’t write for 3 months! Worst case of writer’s block I’ve had. And in a 25+year career as a technical writer, that’s a lot of writer’s block. I made a deal with myself to write and publish one post a week. Regular writing helps me. My problem is now photographer’s block – I have several recipes ready to post, but no decent photos :( I can see you don’t have that problem because your photos are awesome! Best of luck overcoming your writer’s block.

  5. Mike, sometimes it’s not about being pithy, it’s simply about sharing. And since you’ve, clearly, been creating in the kitchen, just start out by telling your readers what you made, what inspired it and the recipe. A couple of sentences and a recipe. That’s it. I’m sure you can build on that when the time comes. What you don’t need to do is to dwell on the “B” word. So, what’s in the guac?

  6. Mm, the food in those photos all looks great! When I have trouble coming up with ideas for writing blog posts (which I do, often), I start by writing the recipe. If you’re going to include a detailed recipe after a blurb where you ruminate on the food (or life) anyway, then why not start by writing out the entire recipe first?!

    I’ve found that sometimes typing up the recipe reminds me of other things I want to share or explain about the dish or how I decided to make it. And then if all else fails, at least you have a recipe and a photo, which is already enough content for a blog post right there! You can just tack one opening sentence onto it introducing the recipe if you like… I always have to remind myself– there’s no minimum word count for a blog post! Some people post only photos!

  7. I agree with everyone’s great advice – we all go through this in some form or another, you just have to keep plugging away. My limoncello post today almost did me in: I used organic sugar, which has a dark tint, and it made my limoncello an amber color. Ughh! I seriously thought about starting over but it would take another 40 days which wasn’t an option. Instead, I decided to share a foible and show that you can recover even if your ego is bruised.

    To keep me on track with each post, I use an old-school trick and always create a quick outline, for both the text and the photographs. It keeps me focused and gives me a general guideline for what I want to say. Also, I keep a notebook with ideas for future blogs for the days when I need some inspiration.

    Look forward to reading more about the waffles and the gauc! :)

  8. Hi Mike. That bread looks yummy.
    I know my blog isn’t really about the words, it’s more about the photos, but sometimes I just don’t know what to say or what to title my post, so what I do is sit back and put on my classical playlist. I can feel myself relax & my mind clear and then the words come…
    Hope you find your words soon, would love to hear about the yummy food above! :)

  9. I find when I can’t find the motivation it’s usually because I’m thinking about what I get out of blogging, not what I am giving. Having just seen the photos above it looks like you’ve got so much to share, and there’s enough responses below to suggest we’d all appreciate from hearing from you! So however brief we want to be inspired by you!

  10. Hi Mike! A few thoughts to share: You know what they say…a picture speaks a thousand words! Let them speak to you and then…answer. :) Share the mood of the food…how it made you feel or what your expectations were. Share what you think the reader may enjoy about the recipe. As another blogger mentioned…sharing what inspired you about the recipe. A great way to get the words flowing is to…cluster! Write down one word or phrase. Then another, then another, circle them and see how they all connect. Keep going until you find a common thread and add to it…season it, taste it…season some more . It’s like starting with the pot roast…and adding the veggies. What you end up with is worth the effort and satisfying. :) Your photos are great and your food looks quite tasty! Please share the maple bacon butter recipe! :)

  11. I COMPLETELY get this post!! There are so many times that I make something, intend on sharing and writing this really great post then nada. I think that stepping away sometimes is the best medicine. And I’m with everyone else… I can’t wait to hear all about those waffles with bacon… You could also mention with those how we’re soon going to have a worldwide bacon shortage. True story. Heard about it on the news this morning! :)

  12. you’re a gifted write. i would recommend The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. its a funny gentle book. its a small book – i read it on the plain but it’s a life changer. my son sent it to me when i was faltering and you are a far better writer than i am. pick it up-it will pick you up.

  13. I hear ya. It happens to the best of us (we can say that we’re awesome at what we do right?) ;-) Anyway, I find that when I get writer’s block, it’s best to immerse myself in something else…listening to some of my favorite music and dancing, reading a good book, watching a movie…stepping away and taking a vacation. A “blog-cation” if you will. That way when you sit back in front of the computer screen, you’re refreshed to write. Best of luck, I’m sure it’ll come back to you :-)

  14. I’ve been wondering where you were, and when I saw this post I immediately understood. You are not alone, MIke! Some of my posts are written over multiple attempts, and every word is hard work. But sometimes, I sit down and the words just flow through my fingers onto the screen. I don’t have any tips for how to make that happen (I’m not sure I entirely understand it myself). But I do know it will happen again for you. You have a fantastic blog, and so much to offer!

    This post shows that you haven’t lost the knack for writing. Your words were so heartfelt and conveyed so clearly how you’re feeling. You said so much, even though the words were few. That’s talent.

  15. The photographs look delicious and I am so glad to know that I am not alone in finding it hard to write something! :)

  16. Sometimes pictures paint a thousand words. So let them… Your words, as demonstrated by this Q&A session, will follow. Fantastic images. More please. :0)

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