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I’ve brought back my Meet a Blogger Monday series today. A while back I crossed paths with Scott of The Chubby Cook. In addition to having a great web site, he’s very generous with his time in promoting other food bloggers. Scott describes himself as, “Lover of food & everything related to it. Entrepreneur. Chef Wannabe. Food photographer. Recipe creator.” I have to mention that I’m just a tad jealous of him, because not too long from now he’ll have a Jeni’s storefront in his very own town.

If you’re interested in starting your own food blog, Scott is teaching a Food Blogging 101 class at the Western Reserve Cooking School in May. Click here for all of the details.

And now, here’s my interview with Scott.  Enjoy!

Name: Scott Groth

Where are you: Chagrin Falls, Ohio


How long have you been blogging: Seriously blogging, about six months.  All together, about ten.

Why do you blog: Passion.  Cooking is my passion and to share it with people makes me truly happy. Knowing that the food being created in my kitchen can be seen by potentially thousands of people really pushes me to cook better and think harder to create interesting flavor combinations.  Another important reason to blog is to pass the information along in a way that anybody can easily understand.  Too often recipes are quick to the punch and become intimidating.  The Chubby Cook is written in a way that we basically walk through the recipe together.

What’s been you favorite post: My favorite post is the following: Pure Food: The Big Picture.

Could you share a few of your favorite blogs that you read: There are a couple blogs that I read on a weekly basis.  The first is this blog, Made by Mike.  I found this blog about two months ago and have been an avid follower.  Initially, it was the pictures that caught my eye separating it out from the thousands of other sites I have seen.  Since then, I think that it is a well thought through and intelligent blog site.  I’ve also been a fan of Bite Buff for quite some time- the restaurant reviews are typically spot on.  Before I hit a restaurant that is new to us, I’ll check out Bite Buff first to see what has been said.  One site that I have followed since day 1 is Food Bloggers Unite which is a great resource for those bloggers trying to improve their photography.  Excellent resource.  There are so many that I try to keep up with though- typically I spend 1 day a month catching up- there’s so much great content out there.  Here’s a couple more: Exploring Food My Way, Feeling Food BlogMotu Vino and Drunk and Full.

What’s “the one” big project/recipe that you are most looking forward to: One thought that has been kicking around in the back of my head is to not use any canned or commercialized ingredients for a month.  Old school cooking where everything is fresh and nothing goes to waste.  That sounds like a really interesting project.
When you’re not blogging, what are you doing: I spend a lot of time with my family.  It is very important to me.  We just purchased a play kitchen for my 19 month old son- he cooks in his kitchen while I cook in mine.  It’s awesome.

Guiltiest pleasure: Pork belly rillettes.  Cubed, salt cured pork belly poached in duck fat for 6-8 hours.  Place it while still warm on baguette slices which have been browned in duck fat with some fresh thyme sprigs.  Sprinkle with some flat leaf parsley for good health and serve with Maille brand French Cornichon on the side.  Wow- truly incredible.

You’ll never cook with this ingredient: Not sure?  Every ingredient has its place somewhere, I just may not know where yet.

Favorite Drink: Dirty martini- very particular about it too.  Here’s how I like it.

Advice to the home cook: Never adhere to a recipe (unless you are baking!).  Instead, use the recipe as a guideline for technique and to achieve a particular flavor profile.  Trust your gut and if it tells you that you should find a new recipe, then do it!

Finally, here a few photos of Scott’s culinary creations. Click on the photos to be directed to the recipes.

Panini Croque Monsieur

No Hangover Margarita - And let's be honest, couldn't we all use one of these?

Honey Walnut Baklava

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