everyday food challenge begins

Welcome Everyday Food Blog Readers!

Thanks for checking out the blog and my Everyday Food Challenge. Please be sure to fan me on Facebook, and feel free to subscribe to my blog. Both links are towards the bottom of the right hand column. Thanks again for stopping by.

The challenge has begun.  Yesterday, I made two recipes from the first issue of Everyday Food magazine. The first was an easy 25 minute pasta dish, tomato and olive penne. It was fresh, simple and tasty. Does anyone else like to refer to kalamata olives as calamity olives? No, just me?

Since we were having a fairly healthy dinner, I thought it might be nice to bake a little treat for dessert. As I was thumbing through the issue, I came across a recipe for cinnamon coffee cake. Well, I think we had a winner. Just nine ingredients, quick mix and 35 minutes in the oven, we had a deliciously tender and light treat. I think that I’ll come back to the recipe many times.

Here are links to both recipes:

Tomato and Olive Penne

Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Remember, you can always find these and more recipes on my Recipes Seen Here page.

So now, I’m going through issue #2 for next week. These are some of the early contenders, vote for what you think I should make next:

And don’t forget, you can win your very own subscription to Everyday Food magazine.  Click here for the details.

And now the photos from this week’s challenge:

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  1. Looks delicious! I love this challenge. :)

  2. Yes, fantastic idea! I love Everyday Food and will be looking forward to reading more of this blog. I am surprised that you have access to every issue published! That is excellent.

  3. What a fun challenge. I can’t wait to follow along!

  4. What a great idea. I love Every Day Food and love listening to them on Martha’s channel on Sirius / XM. Great to see some of the recpies brought to life. I do enjoy your blog… just started my own. Still new to this whole thing. You are an inspiration.

  5. Does one need to own all of the mags? I don’t. I have, maybe, ten at home. I get the emails daily and make a lot of the recipes in random haphazard chronological order normally as it is.

  6. So happy to have stumbled across your blog! I’m looking forward to following your challenge. I have every issue of EDF, and this will be a fun way to re-visit them!

  7. I also love EDF and have every issue (I’ve subscribed from the very beginning.) I’m happy to have stumbled across your blog! Most of my go-to recipes are from EDF!

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