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pick a prom picture


My best friend Michele is graduating from the University of Akron next Saturday. We are so incredibly proud of her. She’s throwing an 80’s prom next Friday night at Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens.

In honor of this festive occasion, I plan to change my facebook profile picture to one of my old prom pictures from high school. Here’s where I need your help. Please vote below.  And yes, I know, I look almost exactly the same in both. And yes, it is amazing, I once had a very full head of hair.

Breaking News – Bus Riding Edition


As most of you know (and if you don’t, here’s a link), I had planned an adventure for this week. I was to ride the bus to and from work on Thursday. Unfortunately, it turns out that Thursday was the only day I could take off work this week. As a result, the excursion will need to be postponed. I’ll post a new date soon. In the meantime, now’s the time to sign up to receive my twitter updates. When I take the bus I will be live-updating my progress via twitter.

Maple Tree Leafing Up – CHECK


Today’s the last day of my nearly-four-day weekend. Here’s today’s check list:

  • Walk Tucker around the block – CHECK
  • Trip to Target for the essentials – CHECK
  • Starbucks: Passion Tea Lemonade break – Oh heck-yeah CHECK
  • Wash hands repeatedly to avoid getting the swine flu – CHECK
  • Lunch from Taco Bell – Ashamed CHECK
  • Plant dahlia tubers in my new cutting-garden flower bed – CHECK
  • Pick up a couple bags of mulch and potting soil at Lowes and leave the store with dirt and crud all over myself – CHECK
  • Nearly throw out my back carrying the bags of mulch to the backyard – Ouch CHECK
  • Admiring my work in the backyard – Pride CHECK
  • Laundry, Laundry, Laundry – CHECK
  • Decide what to make for dinner tonight – BBQ-Chicken-Pizza Yum CHECK

I had the beat, but not really


Last night was our friend David’s birthday. We had an excellent dinner at the Bistro on Main in Kent. After dinner, it was back to David and Marc’s for cake and Guitar Hero. And that’s me trying to play the drums, I was not so good at it. Megan, Greg, David and Marc were pretty good at it. I think I lack the basic coordination necessary for true drumming success.

a stunningly beautiful april day


We’re in the midst of a 4-day 80 degree spell. Yesterday I cleared out the back yard flower bed. It’s ready for a planting of dahlias, snapdragons and zinnias.
On the way home work today, I snapped the photo above of the large bed of tulips at Hower House on the campus of the University of Akron.

another stormy parody

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what the duck


Yesterday marked the annual return of our neighborhood ducks.  Each spring they visit our development and waddle around from bird feeder to bird feeder.

easter treats


While we were in Columbus this weekend, I checked my favorite food blog Smitten Kitchen and saw the post and photos for Chocolate Caramel Crackers. I knew then, exactly what I would be making on Sunday. According to the recipe you can use either matzo or saltine crackers. Even though it’s Passover, I couldn’t find any matzo in our area, so I went with the saltine crackers as the base. Needless to say, the recipe is as easy as Miss Smitten said. They were a real hit today. If there are any left by tomorrow morning, I may bring some to work tomorrow.  Greg insists that these will become his new treat of choice to take for his office potlucks. Oh, and the little sprinkle of sea salt on top makes all the difference. You can sprinkle nuts too, but I like the simplicity of just the sweet and salty mixture.


Rant of the day

There was a disgusting man at breakfast in the hotel lobby this morning with bare feet. It looked like had just rolled out of bed. What has happened to civilized people?

in response to that stupid ad


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